Sunday, July 10, 2011

Philippine Nurses Evironmental Organization Song

The Philippine Nurses Evironmental Organization Song was written and performed by Mr. Jerome Cleofas, RN. He made a conscious effort to write a song concerning environmental advocacy. He emphasized that “We have pride in what we have and we strive to nurture the lives and the world we see around us the environment we served. And we vowed to care for nature and now we’ll be your healing nurses to empower the minds for this cause with one voice we all proclaim. We are the nurses of Mother Earth, we are the stewards of health and hope, with the air that we breathe and the land we walk in, PNEO will stand for a Greener world . ”

The song is also in line with the bat t lecry of PNEO which “Pride of what we have in our environment so we can aspire to Nurture it by empowering others to f o l l o w t h e organization mission b y Or g a n i z i n g activities that would enhance caring of the Environment.” The beat drops into a beautiful melody and lyrics telling of the need to preserve our environment with help of the healing nurses.

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