Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nursing Profession Roadmap

How will the nursing profession hurdle the present organizational challenge in moving the Nursing Profession Roadmap forward?

This important question is the subject of an Ad Hoc Committee tasked to conceptualize an organization that is effective and operational i.e., establish a fully functional Office of Strategy Management (OSM), wholly supported by all nurse and non-nurse stakeholders and assured of adequate resources to implement the Initiatives of the Nursing Roadmap.

The multisectoral group/ coalition (MSGC) comprised of representatives of the different nursing organizations which also bears the task of being a multisectoral governance council previously agreed to incorporate nursing organizations to form a federation type of organization which shall organize the OSM. This move took a backstep while the representatives of the organizations buckled down to scrutinize all elements and conditions that must ensure sustainability and successful implementation of the Nursing Roadmap. The MSGC recognizes that in order for the formulated strategy to be effective, organizational development should be carefully planned. The challenge of designing an organizational structure is significantly influenced by the diversity of the nursing organizations, role of nonnurse stakeholders, logistics to support the Office of Strategy Management and scope and magnitude of the Nursing Roadmap. A network type of organization seems plausible and how to make this model operative are the tasks at hand and a big challenge indeed!

Meanwhile, projects in line with the Initiatives are in progress as these are programs led by the members of the Board of Nursing in collaboration with nursing organizations. Such are: Revisiting the Core Competencies for the Nursing Profession, Nursing Law Amendments, Continuing Professional Education, Nursing Career Progression Program and Nursing Specialty, and Good Governance of the Nursing Profession/Nursing Roadmap.

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