Sunday, January 2, 2011

September 2010 Oath Taking of Nurses Prayer

Father in heaven,
our most gracious Lord.
This day we have come
as Your people of service

We recognize Your kingship,
and we shall continue to love,
and worship You
for You are our God.

Father God,
gathered before You are men and women
who have dedicated their lives to the cause of "caring".
They havae struggled long and hard to be worthy of this day.

Dearest Lord,
Through Your most precious blood,
please pour out Your blessings to each and everyone
strengthen our hearts Lord and our resolve to follow Your footsteps
of service through stewardship as a model.

Help us Father...
to redirect our hearts and minds
to the purest goal of nursing, because You loved Your people first Lord,
You gave us Your only Son.

We humbly stand before you this day,
To offer up our lives to the cause of this calling.
For it is You who sowed in our hearts the seed of faith, hope, and love for our
fellowmen. For indeed, many were called but few are chosen.

Constantly pour out Your grace o God,
that every day of our lives, we nurses will walk Your walk,
talk your talk, feel as You feel, and from this day forth
we will only be blessing to people, our brethren in Your sweet and mighty name.

The name above all name.... Jesus Christ our lord


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